👉 uTip is a global financing platform. 👈

Today the internet is a great creative space. We have never written so much, created so many videos, photos, drawings, open source code...  However most of these creations are broadcast on social platforms that do not share their revenues with the authors.

To show your support for creators, uTip offers simple and accessible ways to reward those who make the web you love.

It allows creators validated by our team, as they respected our Content Guidelines, to receive the support of their communities. They can then be paid for their creations via tips 💳, direct orders on a Shop 🛍️

But uTip is also a platform that allows you to track all the content from your favorite creators. Thanks to a personalized and customizable feed, you will never miss a single one of their news. And to discover many creators thanks to the "Discover" tab. 

Find out more about uTip by reading our Content Guidelines 

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