You should know that the limitations for viewing advertising on the platform are complex. This stems from the way the online advertising market works.

The principles of these limits are as follows:

  • There is a general limit of up to 30 ads per day. However, this does not mean that you will have 30 ads per day on the platform since the total number of ads available varies from day to day.
  • Ads may not be available for all locations, which is why some countries have fewer ads available than others.
  • The automatic channels that we go through offer you advertising if advertising is available at a given time : this means that if you don’t have advertising at 2pm it is possible to have it at 4pm.
  • We don't have control over the amount of advertising on these channels at any given time. Therefore, it is possible that sometimes only a few ads are available for the whole platform (i.e. thousands of people trying to watch ads at the same time). And so, not enough for everyone.

As we have said, we do not want to replace the currently present overflow of advertising on the web with overconsumption of "for the greater good" advertising.

👉 Our belief is: less advertising, but consented and transparent. 👈

It is therefore very difficult to say how many advertisements it is possible to view per day, since it depends on the user’s own limits, the number of ads available at a time T, the number of people connected to the platform, your country of residence etc ...

If you really do not have any ads to watch, this may be due to internal limitations in your browser. We recommend that you read this article to resolve the issue.

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