uTip welcomes all types of creations. Whether you are a videographer, podcaster, writer, gamer, designer or graphic designer, uTip is there for you. 

However, only major creators (18+ years old) with a creative activity compatible with our Content Guidelines can register on the platform.

Likewise, our payment service provider, which manages our transfers to creators, has a list of countries with which it does not work with. We accept creators living in these different countries but it will be impossible for us to transfer their funds.

⚠️We are not yet available in some others.

Check the list here

Why the Content Guideline ?

As a financial player in the creative value chain, we have chosen not to turn away on the content that our tools allow us to remunerate.

uTip therefore assumes that we have the broadest and most inclusive editorial line as possible, which does not involve qualitative judgment but forbid content that we consider inappropriate.

In any case, the discussion is not closed or final. No access today does not mean that you will not have access tomorrow.

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