In general, all individuals owning a uTip account must be of 18+ years old.

On the internet, with all the associated risks, and all that should be done to ensure that the person of full age designated as legal representative truly exercises supervision over the activity of minors without this constituting an abuse, this involves for us too many risks and we preferred to rule that, on our platform, you would have to be of legal age to become a creator. 

This means that if several people contribute to a channel, you must wait for the age of majority of all contributors before opening a uTip account.

In all cases, it is not possible for a profile to be "managed" by a third party on behalf of a minor creator.

Please note that if you open a uTip account by falsely stating that you are of legal age, you will not be able to withdraw your funds before your age of majority, in accordance with our T & Cs.

For more information on minor work see the following legal texts:

  • Soc., 13 November 1996, n ° 94-13187 (definition of the link of subordination)
  • Article L4153-1 of the labor code (prohibition of the employment of children under 16 years of age)
  • Article L7124-1 of the labor code (an administrative authorization is compulsory to make work a child of less than 16 years old like as model or for a cinema, radio, television or sound recording company)
  • Articles R7124-1 and following of the labor code (procedure for requesting prior authorization) • Articles L7124-6, L7124-7, L7124-8, L7124-16.4 °, R7124-27 and following of the labor code ( limits on days and hours of work of child models)
  • Articles L7124-24 and L7124-30.4 ° of the labor code (sanction for non-compliance with the duration and working days of child models)
  • Article L7124-9 of the labor code (part of the money earned must be paid to the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation, which will manage this amount until the child is 18 years old)
  • Article L7124-22 of the Labor Code (sanction of the employment without authorization of a minor under 16 years old as a model or to work for a cinema, radio, television or sound recording company)
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