Utip is not just compensation via direct payment 💳. It is also possible to offer products to your community, thanks to a Shop 🛍️.  And here's how ...

Create and access your Shop

  1. To create your first Shop, go to the menu at the top right:

2. Click on "Sell one of your products":

Then choose the type of product :

Create a product

Here is what the product creation interface looks like:

1.Enter the name and description of your product (limited to 150 characters):

2. .Add your visual:

3. Then define the minimum amount at which your product will be sold, and choose the address at which it will be available (choose a simple and concise name):

Good Tip: for a physical article, it is not necessary to count the shipping costs in the price. A specific module dedicated to shipping costs is available when creating the article.

4. Configure your shop

Stock available: do you have a limited number of items to sell? If yes, click on the cursor, then enter the available stock; if not, leave the cursor on "unlimited".

Product status:  if you want your product to be visible on your profile, the status of your product must be "Public". If, on the contrary, you want only people with the link to your ShopLink to be able to order your item, leave the cursor on "Private".

Product status:  Is your product available for sale? If so, leave it "on". If not, click on the slider to put it "deactivated".

 5. Define the shipping fees

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