This section also allows you to reply to these messages in order to thank your TipRs for this small gesture that makes such a difference!  An essential act to create a bond between you and your community.

You can access these messages in the « message » tab (represented by a bubble 🗨) in your menu.

The conversation window will then open. You can see all your conversations by clicking on "Show All".

This will open your messaging interface. You can sort your messages according to the sender:

  • My community matches the people you support and who support you
  • My FireTipRs are the creators for whom you are FiretipRs or who are your FiretipRs
  • My creators Correspond to the creators you supported

💡 By clicking on "Old mailbox" you can access your old messages.

You just have to respond to your TipRs, if you wish. However, we strongly advise you to do so.

First, your TipRs deserve it: they paid for your creation of their own free will.  And a surfer who respects such a moral contract is to be cherished! ❤️

Then, you have to make your TipRs want to come back : the uTip model will be interesting for you if part of your audience takes the habit of paying for your creation once in a while. For this, it is necessary that the use of uTip leaves a positive and rewarding feeling.

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