Connecting your networks to the platform will automatically retrieve and display on your profile the content you publish on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch. This way, a person surfing on uTip will not only be able to discover your creations, but also to follow your latest news and know when you are live.

To connect one of your networks, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Click on "connect my networks" found in "My profile" on your "Creator panel"

   2. Then select the social network you want to add :

To connect Instagram to uTip, as we do here, it is necessary to have a professional Instragram account, and to log in via Facebook.

  3.  Allow the requested authorizations (just as a reminder, please note that we only import the strictly necessary data, and that we will NEVER publish on your behalf), then select the page to be imported, before clicking on "Save".

And voilà 🎉, your content is now displayed on your profile !

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