Have you changed banks? Are you the proud owner of a new bank account? Anyway, do you need to send us new information to receive your transfers? Follow the guide !

  1. Go to"My Revenue" page from your Creator profile:

2. Go to the "Transfer Request" section and click on "bank information" 

3. Then click on "Delete my bank information"

4. Confirm your request to delete a bank account using the "OK" button:

5. Complete your information (here in red), then click on "Save" at the bottom of the page:

1) Enter your BIC and your IBAN by not including any space or dash (attention, sometimes a space slips before or after the sequence of characters)

2) Your BIC must contain 8 or 11 letters (if it has more or less, it is because you made a mistake!). If your BIC has only 8 letters, add 'XXX' at the end when you enter it in the form

3) Complete all the fields of your postal address (at least 'Address (line 1)', 'City' and 'Postal Code') without any accented character. Also remember to enter the full name of the account holder in the appropriate field.

4) if your bank is not European, please notify Brian in a small e-mail (brian@utip.io), specifying your name, first name, postal address, as well as your full bank details

Your new bank details are saved! 🎉

⚡️ We are not yet available in some countries.

Check the list here.

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