It is possible for you to define shipping costs depending on the destination for your physical products, directly on your uTip Shop!

Something to delight your TipRs all over the world !

To define these shipping costs, nothing more simple, here is the procedure to follow:

Β 1. From your profile go to your "Shop" via the dedicated panel on the right of the screen (or go to

2. In the case of a new article, click on "Sell one of your products"

3. Select "physical product" and fill in the requested information.

4. At the bottom of the page you will find the section "Shipping costs management "

5. Add one or more destination countries. You can make groups of countries with the same shipping costs.

If you cannot find the country in the list, choose "other".

You can directly select several destination countries 🌍 with similar shipping costs. Here Germany and Albania will have the same shipping costs. It is therefore not useful to create a new tariff for each country independently!

6. Define the shipping costs.

To help you define these shipping costs, we advise you to use a shipping cost calculator

7. Add as many destinations as you want by clicking on "Add a new specific shipping fees"

Other countries, other prices! Group countries with the same shipping fees together.

8. To validate, click on "confirm"

In the case of a product already present in your shop, click on the 3 small dots then on "edit" to access the product page for which you want to add or modify the shipping costs. Resume the tutorial in step 4.

🚨 If your old prices took into account the shipping costs, don't forget to modify them! It would be a shame if your TipRs paid twice for the same thing!

For your country, set the shipping costs to 0 €.

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