A new toolbar has appeared on your uTip profile page. With it comes a new tool, the function: ". « Create a support Link ».

As its name suggests, this function allows you to generate shortened links from any internet page. But of course, his use does not stop there!

These links allow:

  1. Mainly, generate shortened links in order to offer internet users to support you on the platform!
  2. These links are also: easier to share, especially on social networks like twitter, more aesthetic since the URL is more discreet
  3. An interesting tool that allows you to count clicks, in particular to obtain detailed statistics on the interest of your community for your shares.

You can find the « Shorten a link » function on your profile page after logging in, in the new toolbar on the left side of the page.

Click on it to open the link shortener.

Paste the URL you want to shorten in the dedicated area. If the link does not generate automatically, click on shorten. You will get a new URL at http://utip.io/.

The different types of statutes.

You'll notice «Link Status» just below this URL. Here it says «Advanced link»  but several statuses are available. Not all of them will be systematically offered to you, their availability depending mainly on the website from which you have generated a URL.

Generating a « Link only » allows you to generate a simple redirect link. Internet users will be sent directly to the page of your choice, without any mention of the uTip page.

The « Advanced link » allows you to display a landing page with a label with your name asking the user to support you on uTip.

The « Link with support step » allows the user to support your creations before accessing the site of interest. Of course this support step is not compulsory to access the final site!

 Finally, the « Advanced link with support step »  combines the « Advanced link», showing a label with your name on the landing page and the "Link with support step" offering the user to support you before access the site of interest.


 You can have access to all of your links generated via analytics. You'll find them in your toolbar on your profile.

Within analytics, you can change the status of your links and find out how many people have clicked on them after sharing.

Usually, these analytics are given to you for links generated in the last 30 days. It is possible to modify the period by clicking on "period" at the top right of the table.

Confirm the choice of the new period by clicking on  «Apply»..

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