It is possible to generate a "Video Link" from your youtube videos even if they are published in unlisted. This feature allows you to generate a sharing link 🔗 to a video player offering users to support you.

You will find the functionality, "generate a Video Link" within the toolbar present on your uTip profile.

By clicking on "Generate a Video Link" you will open a dialog box allowing you to copy / paste the link of the video of interest.

You will get a " link" which you can share with your community.

This link will sent your community to a page allowing to view your video while offering support solutions to them:

The different link statuses:

There are different link statuses that you can choose by clicking on "link status".

Link only: Allows you to generate a single link which allows the user to view the video while having the possibility of supporting you.

Link + post (public): Allows you to generate a link to the video and post it directly on your Feed. Everyone can see it.

Link + Post (FireTipR): Generate a link to the video and post it directly on your Feed. Only your FireTipRs are allowed to see this post. 

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