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It is now possible to display an overlay πŸ”΄ during your livestream counting the number of advertisements that your viewers have watched. You can even set a specific goal to reach!

There is also a live alert overlay for your donations and purchases that you can discover in our dedicated article.

πŸ‘‡ To display this overlay during your lives, nothing could be simpler! πŸ‘‡

On your profile page, click "πŸ”΄ Overlay Live" in the toolbar and "Ads Tackers"

A box will allow you to: obtain the URL of your overlay and define your objective. This goal corresponds to the number of advertisements seen by your viewers during your stream that you want to reach.

πŸ’‘ Another box offers you to integrate a chat into your live for support related to advertising. Discover this feature in our dedicated article.

πŸ’‘ You will notice the "Advanced use" button which allows you to display all kinds of information on your live to use as you wish (Best TipR, Total amount collected, last recurring contribution ...).

To find out more about this feature, go to our dedicated article.

You can change this goal at any time. The update will be notified to you by a box appearing in the top right corner of your screen. This change of objective does not change the URL of your overlay.

Once the URL has been copied, go to OBS. In the "sources" panel, select "Browser"

Create a new source. It's time to copy / paste your URL into the dedicated area. Finally click on OK.

⚠️ To not appear constantly live on uTip check the two following boxes in the options of your overlay.

Your uTip overlay now appears on your Stream window. You can move it wherever you want! All you have to do is stream as usual!

You can test your overlay by incrementing it with a fictional ad using the "πŸ”” Test" button.

This overlay is dynamic! The number of views will increase according to the number of ads viewed by your viewers and the progress bar will advance accordingly. In addition, animations are triggered at 25, 50 and 75% to celebrate your progress! So remember not to stick your overlay at the top edge of your live screen! It may move on its own otherwise!

It is now possible to manually reset your counter by clicking on "Reset counter". This will reset it to zero so you can use it like new for your next live!

πŸ’‘ An interactive tool not to forget during your next streams! To find out how to use your overlay effectively in streams, go to the creator's guide!

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