We suggest that you give your FireTipRs a particular discord role. If you don't know what a FireTipR is, go to our dedicated article. This role can reward their support! πŸ’ͺ

To define this role, go to your "Creator Panel" and in "connect your networks"

A section is then dedicated to "Choosing the role of FireTipRs on your Discord"

Here, no discord is connected so it is not possible to define a role. So let's start by connecting our discord!

For this in the same tab click in "Add a new connection to a network" on the discord icon.

Select a server and allow permissions to the "uTip" role that will be created. You can change this name and its permissions later. Then click on "Authorize".

A new "uTip bot" member and a new "uTip" role will have been created on your server.

Then come back to the uTip site and in the "choose the role of FireTipRs" section define the role you want to give them. Here they will have the role "Fire Unicorn πŸ¦„πŸ”₯".

⚠️ If you do not see all the roles of your server, it is because our bot can only manage those who are hierarchically below it. To change this, you can go to your server administration, in the Roles menu and drag / drop the uTip role higher than the role you want to use.

⚠️ If no role suits you, simply click on "create a new FireTipRs Role".

You will be able to modify this role by going to the server settings and then in the role section. You can change the name and the color of the role. Here, the "uTip" role becomes the "Fire Unicorn" role and takes on the pink color.

And there you go! Now your FiretipRs can display a beautiful role!

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