It is now necessary to have confirmed your identity to request a transfer. To find out why, visit our dedicated article.

To provide us with your ID, go to your "My earnings" > "Billing information"

At the bottom of your transfer page you will find a section dedicated to protecting your identity.

Click on "Add ID" and select the file of your choice.

It is possible to provide:

  • Identity card (provide front and back)
  • A driver's license (provide front and back)
  • The identity page of your passport

⚠️ Your photo must be visible and your first and last name must match those mentioned on your "My Account" page (see screenshot below). Also remember to fill in your date of birth.  💡 Without this information, your identity document cannot be verified.

As a reminder, we do not share your first and last name and for security reasons we do not keep your ID after verification.

You will then have to wait around 24 hours (excluding evenings and weekends) to obtain validation of your identity document.

If your identity document is validated, you will receive a message. 

If you have any problems, please contact Brian at

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