👇 There are many questions around avoiding advertising viewing limits 🚧, here are some answers. 👇

The advertising limits are there for a reason 😊

  • uTip’s goal is not to replace the current overload of web advertising with over-consumption of “for the right cause” advertising.
  • The system is therefore designed so that your communities can support you by watching some ads from time to time.
  • Moreover, it obviously has no interest for an advertiser to come and communicate on uTip if their advertisements are viewed 30 times in a row by the same person.
  • The viewing limits are there for the proper functioning of the platform in the best interest of all.

So we also count on you to discourage your followers who are a little too enthusiastic 😉

  • We know that some followers try to get around the viewing limits by thinking they are doing the right thing (but in violation of our general conditions of use).
  • You are of course not responsible for the behavior of each of your followers.
  • We do, however, count on you to discourage these behaviors, especially if one of your followers talks about avoiding the viewing limits.
  • We also have algorithms so that we can notify you in the event of massive abuse.

However, we must protect the platform against massive abuse 🛡️ 

  • We have faced computer programs in the past 🤖 that avoided viewing limits and create « views » on the profiles of one or more creators.
  • These views are therefore fictitious because nobody watches the advertisements and we consider them as attacks against the profiles concerned.
  • Our algorithms warn us when these attacks avoid our security systems.
  • In this case, this triggers an internal investigation.

1️⃣ Advertising is blocked to protect the profiles concerned
2️⃣ We are conducting an in-depth analysis of the activity on these profiles
3️⃣ We ask the creator(s) to share all elements to advance the investigation

  • At the end of the investigation, the advertising is reactivated and we confirm that the attacks have stopped.
  • We also identify the views which we are sure are fictitious and based on the investigation, we reserve the right to cancel them.
  • The goal is not to penalize the creator who is not responsible for the attack, but to count only the views that were actually made by real people.
  • Of course we do not charge advertisers for these fictitious views.

We have a responsibility to ensure that the system works well for everyone, despite the temptations of some individuals to abuse it.

That forces us to put in place measures  to protect the platform.

But the best protection is above all a good communication with users about the importance of respecting the system.

And for that we also count on you! 👍

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