It is possible to transfer your uTip balance to bank accounts in more than 120 countries. The list of these countries can be found at the end of this article. However, our payment provider does not yet allow us to be available in some countries.

We accept creators living in these countries, but they will have to transfer their tip balance to a bank account in an available country.

⚠️ There are also specific documents to validate your identity, according to your country. The passport is accepted for all countries. For SEPA countries, identity cards and permits are also accepted in addition to your passport. For the USA and Canada, only the passport and driving license are accepted.

The accepted countries are:

Germany - DE

Andorra - AD

Austria - AT

Belgium - BE

Bulgaria - BG

Cyprus - CY

Croatia - HR

Denmark - DK

Spain - ES

Estonia - EE

Finland - FI

France - FR

Gibraltar - GI

Greece - GR

Hungary - HU

Ireland - IE

Iceland - IS

Italy - IT

Latvia - LV

Liechtenstein - LI

Lithuania - LT

Luxembourg - LU

Malta - MT

Man (Island) - IM

Monaco - MC

Norway - NO

Netherlands - NL

Poland - PL

Portugal - PT

Czech Republic - CZ

Romania - RO

United Kingdom - UK

San Marino - SM

Slovakia - SK

Slovenia - SI

Sweden - SE

Switzerland - CH

Vatican - VA

Canada - CA

United States - US

Australia - AU

New Zealand - NZ

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