TL ; DR: We pass on transaction fees without taking any margin and it is the creators who choose the margin they want to leave to the platform

When you make a contribution or an order on uTip, we pass on the transaction fees (Paypal or BC) that are collected from us without taking any margin.

For the rest, we do not impose anything on our creators: they choose how much they want to leave us to make the service work (they can even decide not to pay us anything even if it is, luckily for us, very rarely)

.Details of transaction fees

  • We must pay transaction fees to our payment providers (PayPal or MangoPay for CB payments)
  • These fees are made up of a fixed part and a variable part, and are different depending on whether you pay by credit card or PayPal

💡 Costs are lower via credit card except for payments <1 $ 

💡 You have the possibility of taking the transaction costs at your expense if you wish

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