When you make a contribution or an order on uTip, we pass on the transaction fees (Paypal or BC) that are collected from us without taking any margin.

We apply a commission of 5% (including tax) when the creator requests the transfer of his uTip earning to his personal account.

.Details of transaction fees

  • We must pay transaction fees to our payment providers (PayPal or MangoPay for CB payments)
  • These fees are made up of a fixed part and a variable part, and are different depending on whether you pay by credit card or PayPal

💡 Costs are lower via credit card except for payments <1 $ 

Detail of Printful Fees

When the creator goes through Printful to sell clothes 👕, the price you pay includes the margin defined by the designer and the cost of the service

  • the cost of the service includes the costs of printing, shipping and management
  • 95% of these costs are charged by Prinful, but uTip takes a 5% commission to reintegrate the costs of managing after-sales service.

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