Sometimes you can’t watch ads for some mysterious reason. So let’s try to solve this mystery and proceed step-by-step.

⛔ It may be your ad blocker

When you watch an ad, sometimes the following message appears on your screen:

Hard to watch an ad with an active ad blocker. Remember to disable it when you want to watch an ad on uTip.

😥 I don't have an ad blocker and yet your site tells me that I have one.

Plot twist, you have no ad blocker on your browser. It is possible that your browser has a native ad blocker integrated as for example for Google Chrome.

You need to disable these native blockers to be able to watch uTip ads. Go to your extensions on your profile or via your control panel and check that no Ad-blocker extension is installed. If this is the case, disable it for uTip.

⚫ You use Google Chrome

Click on the small padlock in your address bar and go to the site settings.

Allow ads on the platform

🦊 You use Mozilla Firefox 

⚠️ This exception does not concern the entire platform but only one page of the platform. So, if the ad blocks when you have already disabled the script blocker, consider disabling it on the current page. You must disable the Ad-blocker on all pages where you want to watch advertising, one by one.

Firefox may also have automatically blocked the playback of multimedia content. To allow them follow this tutorial :

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