1. Go to your uTip profile and click on "Overlay Live" in your toolbar

2. Click on "Tips and Orders alerts" to generate a stream link to be included in OBS.

💡 You'll notice the "Advanced Use" button. It allows you to display all kinds of information to use as you wish on your live videos (Best TipR, Total amount collected, last recurring tip...).

3. You can customize your overlay by choosing :

  • The minimum amount a Tip must have to trigger the alert (under this amount the alert is not triggered)
  • The alert tone that goes with the Tip (3 alert tones are available). FYI: You can customize this alert tones by downloading your own mp3 files.
  • The color of the texts so that they are as visible as possible on your stream
  • The associated gif. You can customize this gif by uploading your own gif. Please note: it will be automatically resized. 
  • The length of the alert in seconds
  • The volume of your alert 1 being the lowest sound and 10 being the loudest.

⚠️ Remember to refresh the OBS cache after each change made on your overlay

4. Once you have copied the URL, go to OBS. In the "Sources" panel, select "Browser".

5. Create a new source. It's time to copy/paste your URL in the area dedicated to this. Finally click ok.

⚠️️ To not appear constantly live on uTip check the following two boxes in your overlay options.

6. Your uTip overlay now appears on your Stream window. You can move it wherever you want! All you have to do now is stream as usual! 

You can test your overlay thanks to the "🔔 Send a test alert" button which will invoke the Big DabUnicorn on your Live to verify that the alerts are displayed.

💡 This overlay will be triggered when a Tip or an Order equal to or greater than the minimum amount is made on your uTip profile. So, don't forget to mention it during your live. 

⚠️ Remember to refresh the OBS cache after each change made on your overlay.

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