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Associated with the overlay which counts the advertisements viewed by your TipRs, there is a chat for messages associated with the advertisement.

To learn more about the "ad counter" overlay, go to our dedicated article.

To learn more about the contribution and purchase alert overlay, see our dedicated article.

To discover our advanced options, go to our dedicated article.

The chat appears as a box which opacity you can adjust in a corner of your live. It is not scrollable and is not associated with an audible alert.

💡 It is possible to adjust the shape and size of your overlay directly in OBS. We explain how, later in the tutorial.

  1. On your uTip profile click on "Overlay Live" in your toolbar

 2. Click on "Ad Counter" to generate a stream link to be incorporated into OBS.

💡 You will notice the "Advanced use" button which allows you to display all kinds of information on your live to use as you wish (Best TipR, Total amount collected, last recurring contribution ...).

To find out more about this feature, go to our dedicated article.

3. You can customize your overlay by choosing its opacity and copy the URL

4. Once the URL has been copied, go to OBS. In the "sources" panel, select "Browser"

5. Create a new source. It's time to copy / paste your URL into the dedicated area. Finally click on ok. 

💡 You can modify the width and the height of your overlay. Especially, so that it is higher than wide directly in OBS by changing the width and the height.

️⚠️ To not appear constantly live on uTip check the following two boxes in the options of your overlay.

6. Your uTip overlay now appears on your Stream window. You can move it wherever you want! All you have to do is stream as usual!

You can test it using the "🔔 Test" button which will cause false messages to appear on your chat.

💡 Do not neglect the TipRs who support you through advertising. Thank them, chat with them in a privileged way while enjoying the chat and encourage them to help you reach your advertising goal!

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