But… Why?

You will find all the information on the reasons that led to this decision on our blog.

When will the ad be permanently removed?

Advertising will be permanently removed from the platform on July 30.

Is the ad supporting tool really "permanently" removed from the platform?

There are currently no plans to reuse advertising on uTip. We prefer focusing on the other tools offered by the platform, such as the Shop and the donation tool, which allow more sustainable support.

Will the ad be replaced by another free support tool?

No. But we're looking at that.

What happens to the money I earned from advertising?

The money your community has made by watching ads remains active on your account while waiting for your next transfer.

My balance is less than 10 dollars and without the advertising I will never be able to reach that amount, how am I supposed to be able to make a transfer?

Several solutions are available to you :

  • You can wait for your community to allow you to reach 10 dollars and thus make a transfer.
  • From Thursday 30, it will be possible to close your uTip account directly on the platform, which will allow you to make a transfer of less than 10 dollars. Be careful, however, once this is done, you will no longer have an account on uTip.

If you only want to close your creator account but not your user account, send an email to Brian at brian@utip.io

I don't have the possibility to financially support the creation, how will I be able to contribute to the work of my favorite creators without you?

Supporting a creator is not limited to financial support. There are many other ways to show your support. The likes, the comments, your constructive feedback, your presence on their lives… all these actions also play their role and allow creators to feel surrounded and helped by their community.

Share their work with those around you, give them visibility and thus help reach other people who will support them.

What makes uTip different from other support platforms now that you no longer advertise?

As we often repeat, uTip isn't just about advertising. We offer, for example, a unique and flexible donation pooling tool that allows bank charges to be paid only once during a multiple donation. Thanks to our Shop, which allows you to sell all types of products and create merch in a few clicks, you can centralize several type of support on a single platform.

The Shop itself has already been evolving for several months and will offer you new features as soon as possible.

The platform still offers a range of tools for creators to facilitate their communication around support as our overlays, for example. All news from a creator is always available on their Feed so you don't miss a thing.

Likewise uTip is the only platform that does not require additional work from you to gain support from your community. No benefit system is required and you choose whether, you want to thank your community, when & how.

Finally uTip remains the support platform taking the least commission during your transfers and on which the bank charges during donations are the lowest.

How can we help uTip after this big change?

You can help us by providing us with your ideas and suggestions on improving the platform tools that you think are relevant and interesting. This on our discord or by mail to brian@utip.io

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